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攝影師 涂景文 | David J. Toman, Photographer


A self-described "socially adept introvert," whilst I love spending quality time with myself, photography is my way to enter all kinds of different and challenging situations and environments and open doors to meeting and working with people of all backgrounds and dispositions across many cultures and fields.


  • I've been variously described by subjects and collaborative creative partners as fun to work with, helpful, relaxed, chill, creative, skilled, and reliable - all qualities that flow from my natural disposition and honed through years of working in creative environments.
  • I have worked almost exclusively with regular people - families, athletes, entrepreneurs - not professional models. This has heightened my awareness of how my subjects feel in front of the lens, and helped develop what one client has called my relaxed, gentle "bedside manner" while working behind the lens.
  • I prepare thoroughly technically and conceptually according to a solid game plan, yet remain open to an improvisational flow inspired by interaction with my subjects and surroundings to create something that truly brings out a personality, feeling, or conveys a message.


We live in an age where making and spreading mediocre images is exceptionally easy, yet despite the technological changes the art of photography remains the same.


Working with subjects to understand their needs and how best to convey them, through direction and guidance, lighting, composition and a myriad of other elements that come into play, is beyond the capacity of any camera ever made. That's where I can make the difference for you - from personal branding headshots, to customized family portraits, lifestyle image campaigns, or sports and fitness images.



Following is a list of links to articles about me and/or my photography. For film photography enthusiasts, I am a sporadic contributor to the fabulous Emulsive, a storehouse of information and insight infused with a generous spirit of collaboration and sharing.


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To mark my migration to the New World, this site replaces http://etudephoto.com